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The biggest change to the iPhone is the one we know is most likely to happen: a major redesign. It seems that Apple will be dramatically transforming the phone’s front with a bezel-free OLED display that’s much more in line with what’s expected from a modern flagship in 2017. That means it’ll look more along the lines of the Galaxy S8 or LG V30, rather than sticking with Apple’s current, dated design.

The other big update to the iPhone 7 that seems almost guaranteed to happen is a new front-facing camera, said to be located in an oblong cutout at the top of the otherwise bezel-free screen. The main focus of the camera is said to be 3D face-scanning technology, which will be used to unlock the phone simply by looking at it, instead of relying on the fingerprint-based Touch ID sensor on current iPhones. But Apple could be leveraging the tech for other uses as well, including automatically silencing notifications, augmented reality, and payments.


  • Three new phones including two LCD models and an all-new OLED flagship
  • Curved, edge-to-edge display with True Tone technology and/or Ion-X glass
  • Virtual home button
  • Facial recognition alternative to Touch ID
  • “Wireless” charging (i.e. inductive charging) and/or faster USB-C charging
  • Dual-lens camera, possibly in a vertical configuration
  • AR capabilities featuring rear-facing 3D laser for enhanced depth perception
  • Support for the Apple Pencil
  • Stainless steel and glass body with a new “side button”
  • Limited colors with an outside chance of a reflective, mirror-like finish
  • Upgraded storage and memory, possibly starting at 64GB and 3GB of RAM
  • Intel or Qualcomm modem
  • iOS 11 featuring gesture-based user interface and animated emojis (“Animojis”)
  • Enhanced water resistance or waterproofing
  • Higher quality earpiece for louder, clearer audio
  • Apple’s next-generation processor (the A10X or A11)

Giveaway iPhone 7

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Giveaway iPhone 7